“All Blacks XV Should Just Be Replaced By The Canterbury Team” – Chamberlain

one eyed cantab with canterbury rugby team in background



Craig Chamberlain is once again at loggerheads with New Zealand Rugby.

That’s because he believes the ‘All Blacks XV’, which is made up of players from provincial sides, should be completely replaced with exclusively players from the Canterbury NPC team. The team is currently top of the table and boast a number of players who should probably just be in the actual All Blacks.

The 56 year-old from the Christchurch suburb of Shirley vented to our reporters.

“You’re calling this an ‘All Blacks XV’ and you’re taking players that aren’t even anywhere near the All Blacks? Since when has Dominic Gardner, whoever that is, been better than Tom Christie? He made a competition high 246 tackles in Super Rugby this year!” Chamberlain said as his blood pressure visibly rose.

The All Blacks XV are made up of some of the fringe All Blacks and newcomers to the provincial scene, and will play matches against Ireland A and the Barbarians. 

However the makeup of the side has some shaking their heads, with a large number of unheard-of players who have not played Super Rugby making the side. There are also mounting questions about what the point of this squad and northern tour actually is.

“Cam Roigard as one of the halfbacks? Who on earth is that? Why haven’t they picked Mitchell Drummond as their number nine? He’s played a test match for the actual All Blacks!” Chamberlain bellowed as he reached for his can of Canterbury Draught to hydrate himself.

“Canterbury would bloody beat that All Blacks XV team anyway! They’re just a pretend All Blacks team! Just send our damn NPC squad for Christ’s sake!”

More to come.

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