Angry Social Netballer Fails To Realise He Is Not A Professional Athlete

angry man at indoor netball



Morgan Hughes eagerly looks forward to his social indoor netball games at Christchurch’s Action Indoor Sports.

However the 33 year-old, who has never played any form of representative sport in his life, nor turned out for any top level club teams, definitely takes things seriously in games where he really shouldn’t.

During a mixed Division 4 game of indoor netball, when he had the whistle blown at him for stepping, Hughes immediately turned to the umpire who was about 16 years old to express his disdain .

“Oh what? That’s ridiculous ref! You’re ruining the game!” Hughes bellowed in visible frustration, failing to understand once again you cannot step with the ball in the game of netball.

“Just watch your feet Wing D, and that’s a caution. It’s just social netball, it’s all about having fun. If there’s more back chat you’ll be off next,” replied the adolescent umpire.

One of the opposing players then chimed in and began to grab the ball away from Hughes.

“Calm down mate, it’s just social. Gimme the ball.”

With Hughes’ blood pressure rising, he continued to berate the umpire while his own teammates told him to let it go, in what was a very non-competitive sports match.

“Come on! I didn’t even move! You’ve ruined the game ref!”

More to come. 

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