AUSSIE VAPE BAN: Kiwi Vape Shop Owner Crossing The Ditch To Start A Life Of Crime

man vaping large cloud of smoke.



Wellington vape shop owner Bryce Renshaw plans to cash in big this year after it was announced the Australian government plans to ban recreational vaping altogether.

Renshaw, who has had no trouble selling vape pens from his store on Cuba Street, plans to cross the ditch to where his products would soon be part of the Australian black market.

“I’ve made a good living selling vape pens and e-liquid here in Wellington. But as people always say, there’s an opportunity to make a killing over in Aussie,” said Renshaw, who is about to go from legitimate business owner to a criminal overnight.

Part of the crackdown on vaping in Australia means it will be illegal to sell non-prescription vapes, and there will be heavy controls on imports and packaging in the early stages of the rollout of the ban.

“I mean I’m not going over there with suitcases full of class A drugs. I’m heading over there with vaping devices and e-liquids.” 

“Hopefully I’ll be the go-to guy for anyone needing their nicotine fix. Nothing like those big white fluffy candy floss clouds!” Renshaw concluded as he packed up his belongings to embark on an exciting new life of crime.

More to come. 

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