BACK-TO- BACK LOSSES: Warriors Fan Stocking Up On Ice Cream To Go With Potential End Of Season Tears

warriors fan with team losing in the background and ben and jerry's icecream in the foreground.



Die-hard Warriors fan Mark Hickey’s faith is beginning to waver.

That’s after his beloved Warriors went down 14-0 to the Sydney Roosters in Auckland this afternoon, just five days after they lost to the Melbourne Storm on Tuesday.

Today’s loss has hit Hickey hard, especially after the Warriors had shown a lot of promise in the opening rounds, only to stutter against the more hardened teams that provide the real acid tests.

Our reporters were with Hickey who knew all too well the familiar feeling of disappointment .

“I’ve been burned many times before. The anxiety is growing and I’m just waiting for it to all fall apart. May as well stock up on a few tubs of Ben and Jerry’s now before it all happens. You can’t be a playoff team if you’re having matches where you are literally scoring zero points.” 

“I’m also fearful about waking up in a cold sweat dreaming of the Warriors losing crucial matches. I’m praying for a miracle, but at least I can eat my feelings when it all falls down,” Hickey said, opening his first tub of the “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” flavour. 

It won’t get much easier for Warriors fans, as the team takes on reigning back-to-back champions the Penrith Panthers next week.

More to come. 

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