Bizarre Sex Trend Emerging Where You Just Sleep With One Person Within Committed Relationship

Couple embraced



As we all know from our culture and media, the most important thing in the world is that every individual expresses their own sexuality to the fullest extent possible. Sex should be casual and fun, have no messy strings attached, and should be without any judgement whatsoever.

But a strange new phenomenon is emerging across all generations, where individuals are getting to know and trust each other in committed long term relationships, BEFORE connecting in the most intimate way possible. 

Many have said this is like a return to those disgusting repressive times in the fifities, where people were forced to follow strict social rules and uphold society. How could we be returning to the worst time in living history? 

Sexologist Kate Lonergan has some insights on what could be happening. “Although this trend sounds really strange and dangerous to most people, there could actually be something to it,” she said curiously.

“We can’t work out why, but for some reason, when compared with a normal stock-standard Tinder hookup, people who have sex while in a committed relationship report they are not experiencing the same deep, soul-crushing feeling of regret they usually have after sex. 

“It’s really strange. Logically you would expect that after having sex with someone for the tenth time, you would begin to feel totally tied-down and repressed. But actually, we’re seeing the exact opposite!” she said, clearly surprised by her findings.

“Couples who are married or in long term relationships are reporting high levels of satisfaction in their sex lives, and in their lives more generally. 

“But don’t rush out and try to form a long term relationship just yet! One of the major drawbacks of this is it takes work, patience and effort. Do you really want to have to work hard for something that you can get just by opening an app? I know I don’t!” she said, as she opened up one of many dating apps.  

More to come.

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