Blackcaps Fans Prepared To Do An All-Nighter Hoping To Taste A Billion Delicious Indian Tears

man in teal blackcaps shirt in front of kane williamson and virat kohli



Black Caps fans have declared their readiness to sacrifice a good night’s sleep to experience something rare – the sweet, sweet taste of a billion Indian tears.

The New Zealand side led by Kane Williamson face India in the World Cup semi-final tonight, where the Indians are heavily favoured with an unbeaten run of nine straight pool matches.

With the semi-final beginning at 9:30pm NZT and not finishing until nearly 5:00 am tomorrow, it means most Kiwis will have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep or skip work altogether.

Among the sea of Kiwi enthusiasts was Cam Atkins, a die-hard Black Caps fan with a penchant for late-night drama and a love for counting Indian tears. “Mate, this is the night we’ve all been waiting for. I’m predicting ducks for Kohli and Rohit Sharam haha!” Atkins said confidently, sporting his late 90s teal playing shirt.

“I’ve been saying this all week mate, King Kohli’s got nothing on King Kane!” Atkins said, also posting a status on Facebook, attempting to taunt his Indian cricket mates.

“Why sleep when you can witness more history? Feel like I’ve got a front-row seat on an emotional rollercoaster. India are basically our bunny team when it comes to major tournaments. All talk, no follow-through,” he said, referring to how we beat them in the semi-final at the last tournament and also in the World Test Championship final.

“I can’t wait to slurp up a billion Indian tears in the morning, haha.


More to come. 

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