Blackcaps Stoked To Have Game Against England Not Decided By Boundary Countback

blackcaps winning against england but still thinking about losing in 2019



The Blackcaps and New Zealand cricket fans are relieved today after the winner of their cricket World Cup match against England was decided in a more common manner.

The Blackcaps chased down England’s total, meaning they won the game by purely scoring more runs than them, and were not denied by any strange rule made up by the ICC. 

Trent Boult, who had endured the heartache of the infamous 2019 World Cup final, was visibly thrilled to have experienced a victory via the traditional method.

“Yeah, it was quite refreshing, really,” Boult exclaimed, sporting the widest grin his famously small mouth could muster. “We simply went out there and played cricket. Our team bowled, then we batted. We chased down their score well within the allotted overs. No boundary-count drama or anything of the sort.”

Boult, still haunted by the memory of the boundary countback rule, added, “That’s all behind us now. Back in the real world where we have happily scored more runs than our opponents and won the game.”

It is fair to say that today the Blackcaps were cruising as they achieved their nine-wicket victory over the reigning champions. Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindran emerged as the heroes, both scoring centuries as they confidently chased down England’s formidable 282-run target in just 36 overs.

Conway, a triumphant grin on his face, stated, “This is how cricket should be played, with runs on the board and wickets in hand. None of that boundary-count drama. It’s a relief to be part of a match where we win because we outplayed the opposition, not because of some peculiar mathematical equation.”

For the record, the Blackcaps did indeed hit more boundaries than England during the duration of the match too.

More to come. 

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