Blenheim Driver In Auckland Hits Three Red Lights In A Row And Absolutely Loses His Mind

man stuck in auckland traffic thinking about roundabout in blenheim

ALEX HICKEY | Lifestyle


Blenheim real estate agent Simon Jones reckons replacing traffic lights with roundabouts would fix Auckland’s traffic problems.

Jones was in the City of Sails for a friend’s 30th last weekend, which he says was enjoyable, but was totally overshadowed by a harrowing traffic experience.

“I was expecting a bit of traffic, but the first traffic light took, like six minutes to get through. Then it was straight into another red light. I was like, ‘Oooooh really??’” he recalled, painfully.

Jones was prepared to encounter traffic, and he was even a little excited to share his experience of it with his city mates. But he made the fatal mistake of going through the next green light without checking there was room for him on the other side.

“I got stuck in the middle of the intersection and there was nowhere to go. I didn’t even know that was possible. But I was just stuck there holding up other cars trying to get through. They were all tooting. It was the most stressful minute of my life, easily.”

He eventually got through to the other side, arriving at brunch 20 minutes late after struggling to find a park. He was so wound up, he had a beer with his eggs benedict to settle his heart rate. 

“I reckon I could have walked here quicker. We don’t have any traffic lights in Blenheim and it’s so much better – this is crazy.

“Auckland should have more roundabouts I reckon. That would actually sort it all out.”

More to come. 

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