Bloke Looking Pretty Clueless Shopping Around Lululemon For Girlfriend’s Christmas Present

man looking bewildered in lululemon shop



Chris Kerr looked like he’d never stepped foot in a retail shop in his life today.

The 33 year-old from Christchurch was in pursuit of the perfect Christmas gift for his yoga-loving girlfriend, Clara.

“I’d heard her mention that shop a few times over the past couple of years. She’s always coming home with new leggings from the lemon shop,” Kerr explained, again calling it ‘the lemon shop’ despite the popular activewear chain being called Lululemon.

Forgetting what Clara had specifically instructed him to get for her Christmas present, Chris’ eyes darted around like a deer caught in the headlights of a fashion runway, desperately seeking refuge from the kaleidoscopic array of activewear.

“Man there’s so much stuff here. Ha, feels like I’ve walked into Clara’s wardrobe,” Chris muttered to himself, his attempt at humour serving as a defence mechanism against the sea of stretchy fabrics.

Forgetting the intricacies of Clara’s wishlist, Chris, in a stroke of genius, navigated towards a familiar territory—the drink bottles.

“Maybe I’ll just get her another one of these drink bottles,they look like they can hold a decent amount of water,” Kerr said, unaware that the overly large Lululemon drink bottles are priced between $60-$70 and Clara in fact already has three of them.

More to come. 

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