Bloke Who Graduated In 2012 Still Searching For Bargains On Vic Deals

man thinking with vic deals page in background.



Jake McCormick does not believe he’s someone who clings on to the past.

But in reality, the 33 year-old former Victoria University of Wellington student, who graduated in 2012, has continued to remain a member of the Vic Deals Facebook page.

The page, which is used to sell second hand university textbooks and to find flatmates, still seems to appeal to McCormick, who left Wellington over a decade ago.

It was not clear why the man who is now living comfortably in the Taranaki was still part of a Facebook group that is predominately for Vic Uni students.

“I mean sure, I guess I don’t need textbooks anymore, or really need to know who needs a flatmate up in Kelburn, but you know, sometimes there’s other things. Who knows what’ll pop up!” explained McCormick, who was looking at a deal for a used desk that he was definitely not about to drive all the way to Wellington to pick up from a student flat. 

McCormick then spotted another bargain that got his heart going. “Gee a whiteboard. Only $20, could be worth messaging the seller about it actually,” said McCormick, who has absolutely no need for a used whiteboard.

The mystery remained about why this man was still part of the group, having not bought a single thing from it in the last ten years. 

“Oooh. Only $245 a week for power, internet and expenses. Looks like a good deal!” McCormick said as he started to compare rent prices to what he paid in 2012. 

More to come. 

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