Boyfriend Considers Hiring Professional Photographer As Girlfriend Still Unhappy With 300th Photo Attempt

man looking overwhelmed as girlfriend poses on beach for picture



Under the glistening sun of Nelson’s Kaiteriteri beach, 27-year-old Mick Kerr found himself caught in the crossfire of a photographic skirmish with his girlfriend, 24-year-old Alyse Rogers.

Arriving that afternoon from Christchurch for their annual holiday on the golden sands of Kaiteri, Kerr once again found himself armed with his girlfriend’s iPhone 14.

“Do you mind if we just get a quick pic now Mick?” Alyse quipped at her boyfriend.

With his heart skipping a few beats, Mick knew this wasn’t going to be just a quick pic with Alyse, based on previous years experience.

“Yeah ahhh sure thing. I’ll just get a couple of you here,” Mick said in a dejected voice, fully knowing his girlfriend would check all the photos and be unhappy with them.

As he began to snap a few pics, Mick’s mind wandered to a place where he actually thought about getting a professional photographer to just take photos of Alyse. But before he could gather any more of those logical thoughts, Alyse was barking at him.

“Okay, tilt the phone higher. Yes, higher so you get the right angle. And don’t forget to capture the sun setting over the water, but also make sure it doesn’t cast shadows on my face.”

After the 300th photo attempt, Alyse examined the results with a furrowed brow. “I don’t know, Mick. I look the same in all of these. It’s like you’re not even trying very hard.”

More to come. 

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