Cardiologist Predicts Spike In Blood Pressure In Over 65s During Alternative Cricket Commentary

Doctor standing in front of alternative commentary collective.



A leading cardiologist at the Heart Foundation has issued a warning to anyone thinking about watching this Friday’s T20 Blackclash cricket match, featuring commentary from the Alternative Commentary Collective (the ACC).

Dr Jane Joplin has published a paper saying that a significant number of people over the age of 65 reported elevated blood pressure while viewing and listening to previous Blackclash cricket matches. Dr Joplin says the rise is directly linked to the commentary component of the broadcast, as complainants claimed it was causing feelings of “anger, distress and general annoyance”. 

“These are important findings and the public needs to be aware. If you are over 65 and intend to listen to the ACC’s commentary as part of the Rugby vs Cricket match, you put yourself at a higher risk of having a cardiac event,” said Dr Joplin. 

“You’re at particular risk of a blood pressure spike if you hold the view that there is no place for fun or silliness in the commentary box, and insist that only well-informed, expert cricket opinions are to be tolerated.

“If you struggle to cope with inaccurate statistics, wild speculation, detailed intimate personal stories unrelated to cricket, or just false claims in general, I would recommend viewing the game while muted, or turning your hearing aides off,” she said. 

“It should be noted however that the majority of cricket fans, young and old, are able to enjoy this light-hearted exhibition match without experiencing an elevated heart-rate brought on by pure, white-knuckled rage,” added Dr Joplin.       

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