Centre In Netball Harping On Like They’ve Run A Marathon Or Something

netball team with centre in the middle



Self styled superhuman Sophie Roberts constantly makes others know about the physical demands of her role on the netball court.

The 23 year-old, who plays in the Saturday morning competition at Christchurch’s Hagley netball courts often makes her teammates aware of her end to end running.

During the halftime break, Roberts took centre stage in her team huddle, where she was making sure others could see she was physically exhausted.

“Does anyone actually know how far I run during a game?” Roberts asked, making sure others saw her wiping her sweat with a pre-arranged towel and glugging back more water than others were.

Teammate Alice, a WD, gave her thoughts on Sophie’s workrate.

“I mean yeah for sure she does all the running at centre. But it’s not like anybody is going out of their way to not work as hard. We can only cover so much of the court! 

“It’s quite obvious she’s always going to cover more ground than us, because that’s literally the rules of the game. If we went any further the umpire would call it offside! ”

As the game drew to a close with Roberts’ team winning the match 34-30, she came over to the sideline ensuring others could see her gaps between breaths after a full 40 minute game at centre..

“Geez. Feels like I’ve run a bloody marathon out there,” Roberts complained, who definitely had not run a marathon in 40 minutes of B grade netball.

More to come. 

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