Chiefs Favourites To Beat Crusaders: One Eyed Cantab Not Angry At TAB Just Disappointed

one eyed cantab in TAB with game odds and pic of 2023 champion crusaders



56-year-old Craig Chamberlain from Shirley got quite the shock today.

With the Crusaders and Chiefs facing off in tonight’s opening match of Super Rugby Pacific, the TAB, in its infinite wisdom, has bestowed odds of $1.47 on the Chiefs, leaving the defending champions with the less glamorous tag of $2.80 underdogs.

Instead of Chamberlain’s blood boiling and spinning off into a rage-filled rampage, the die-hard Cantab had a more calm reaction.

“I thought I had seen it all, but this is a whole new level of madness.

“I’m not angry at the TAB. No, no, that would be too easy,” he declared with a wry smile. “I’m just disappointed. Disappointed that they’ve underestimated the Crusaders yet again.” 

The TAB’s odds against the Crusaders being underdogs have seemingly come out of nowhere, with the red and blacks beating the Chiefs in last year’s final. Most would say they certainly don’t look like a team worthy of head to head odds nearing the $3 mark.

“Last year’s grand final wasn’t a fluke; it was a preview for 2024. The drongos at the TAB need their bloody heads checked!”

More to come. 

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