Christchurch Friend Group Analyses Newcomer’s High School Resume Before Extending Friendship

three men having beers with image of christ's college in foreground



Brad Rayne, a 28-year-old from Rangiora, descended upon what he hoped would be a new friend group like a meteor from outer space. 

Little did he know that he was about to be subjected to a peculiar initiation into the tight-knit Christchurch society, especially when it came to where he was educated as a teenager, albeit a decade ago.

Relocating from North Canterbury to the central city in pursuit of new work opportunities and a fresh start, he was introduced to new acquaintances at some drinks downtown. 

“Gidday guys, I’m Brad. Just moved into the city,” he said to a group of people he would hope to get to know.

He was unaware that several members of the esteemed friend group in Christchurch had all graduated from prestigious institutions such as Christ’s College and St. Margaret’s College. These schools were the bastions of privilege in Christchurch, where tuition fees could easily skyrocket to $15,500 a year.

“So, Brad,” said Logan Prebbleton, one of Christ’s College’s alumni, “tell us about your high school days. I don’t think I ran into you in any of the major school sporting fixtures?”

Brad took a deep breath, realising he was about to navigate the treacherous waters of high school history comparisons, something he had heard about but not experienced first hand yet.

“Well, I was at Rangiora High School. Our 1st XV wasn’t too bad, but then again, remember we are a co-ed school as well. We ended up going okay against some of the bigger schools” he replied, unbeknownst to him that his high school background had just placed him in a sort of academic quarantine.

“Ah right. Yes I think they’re actually going okay in recent times. Not bad for a public co-ed school. But it’s not like a Christs vs Christchurch Boys fixture I guess. Anyway, nice meeting you, might see you around.”

More to come. 

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