Christopher Luxon Delivers Full Cooked Breakfast To Visiting National MPs In Under Two Minutes

leight hart as chris luxon standing in front of leight hart's speed cooking.



In an effort to showcase his efficiency and commitment to his party, PM elect Christopher Luxon decided he’d showcase his snap decision-making.

Luxon has been constantly questioned by NZ media this week about why the Coalition process has been taking longer than the media want, so he thought he’d show his ministers just what he’s made of.

This culinary spectacle involved Luxon personally preparing a full cooked breakfast for visiting National MPs in Auckland, all in under two minutes. Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis were first in line for a feed.

Luxon greeted Bishop and Willis with a charismatic smile at his Auckland home, where both had been in the city of sails as part of Coalition negotiations.

As they stepped into Luxon’s kitchen, little did they know they were about to witness a spectacle like no other.

“Never in my political career did I imagine I’d be negotiating over a plate of eggs Benedict being prepared at breakneck speed,” remarked Chris Bishop, attempting to catch a rogue pancake mid-air.

Nicola Willis, with a half-eaten croissant in hand, chimed in, “Chris’s multitasking is breath-taking. I only wish we had these breakfast meetings during the campaign – it might have brought a whole new flavour to the debates.”

Luxon was too busy to make a comment, instead throwing cooking utensils and eggs our way, while frequently saying “No good to me” over the sound of a loud blender that was going in the corner. 

More to come. 

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