Christ’s College Student Googles “Cost Of Living Crisis Definition”

christ's college boy looking shocked with cost of living crisis definition plugged into phone's google.



Christ’s College student Jayden Dickson is still struggling to grasp the much talked about “Cost Of Living Crisis”

The 16 year-old who attends the prestigious Christ’s College private school in Christchurch is finding it hard to comprehend the dire financial situation faced by many New Zealanders and turned to Google to get a handle on its definition.

“This ‘cost of living crisis’ has been making headlines on the news for years in New Zealand, but I literally have no idea what anyone is talking about. You don’t hear it much around these school grounds,” Dickson said, fully unaware most Kiwis are struggling with rising prices in housing, fuel, and groceries.

When our reporters explained to him how most New Zealanders were struggling to “make ends meet” and could barely afford the basic necessities, Dickson played it down artfully.

“I mean, I know things are getting more expensive, but most people are handling it okay aren’t they?” replied Jayden, whose parents pay an annual tuition fee of $30,150.

Even after finding a few relevant Google searches, Jayden was still unconvinced.

“Can’t people just cut back on the nice to haves? In our house we’re only getting uber eats maybe twice a week now?”

More to come. 

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