Crusaders Coach Reveals New Plan To Call Thomas Mead A C*** Before Every Game

crusaders coach calling thomas mead a c*** with crusaders celebrating in foreground



Crusaders coach Rob Penney has announced his intention to verbally assault 1News journalist Thomas Mead before every Crusaders game, as part of the team’s preparation.

The new strategy comes following the team’s narrow 29-27 victory over the Blues, keeping their season and playoff hopes alive. Last week Penney was under fire for his expletives directed at Mead, however after the shock result, Penney says he will continue to abuse the TVNZ employee.

“The lads responded well after I let loose on that journalist. What was his name again?  Timothy was it? Anyway, we’ve got a season to save and it worked last week, so we’ll give it another go this time.”

Thomas Mead, the journalist who caught the wrath of Penney’s onslaught spoke to our reporters.

“I guess you could say I took one for the team. If Rob wants me back at the Crusaders base because he thinks it’ll help the team, then so be it, happy to play my part!” said Mead who was clearly still bemused by the whole situation.

Penney has shown signs that he might even be warming to the idea of “that c***” turning up to the Crusaders pressers.

“Look, it’s not personal. Well, maybe it is a little. But it’s all in good fun and for the sake of victory. Thomas, Thomas isn’t it?  If you’re listening, just brace yourself you little c***, we’ve got a lot more games to win,” he added, chuckling.

More to come. 

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