Crusaders Fans Call For Super Rugby To Introduce “Fair Play” Award

crusaders losing with cheap plastic fair play award in foreground



With their team languishing in 11th place on the Super Rugby table, Crusaders supporters have come together to demand justice in the form of a “Fair Play” award.

It comes after the Crusaders suffered a crushing 43-40 golden point defeat at the hands of the Waratahs in Sydney, marking their sixth loss of the Super Rugby Pacific season. The match was marred by a series of late blunders by the Crusaders, ultimately sealing their fate.

“Every team deserves a chance to walk away with something at the end of the season, even if it’s just for the honour of being mediocre. But the Crusaders have definitely been the good sports of the season. Lots of encouragement among players, especially when they’re losing. Which seems to be every week!” said diehard Crusaders fan Chase Simons of Riccarton, still proudly wearing his Crusaders jersey in public.

He added, “The Crusaders have exemplified true sportsmanship throughout the season, rallying each other even in the face of defeat.”

NZR CEO Mark Robinson lent his support to the initiative, endorsing the notion of acknowledging teams for their post-match camaraderie.

 “An award celebrating gestures like handshakes and words of encouragement could add a valuable dimension to the competition,” he remarked.

“After all, what’s Super Rugby without the Crusaders at least winning something?”

More to come. 

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