Dad Secures Early Billy T Award Nomination With “Haven’t Seen You All Year” Gag

kiwi dad laughing at bbq



Bryan Thompson, a dad from Lower Hutt, has stunned the local comedy scene and managed to secure an early nomination for the prestigious Billy T Award with his cutting-edge, “Haven’t seen you all year” joke.

Thompson, known for his dad jokes and irresistible puns, unleashed his comedic prowess at a New Year’s Day barbecue, leaving friends and family in stitches with his timing and delivery that only a true comedy legend could master.

The now-legendary quip came about when Thompson spotted his cousin, Sharon, who he hadn’t seen since last New Year’s Eve. With a twinkle in his eye and a smirk that could rival any stand-up veteran, he exclaimed, “Well, look who decided to show up! Haven’t seen you all year, Sharon!”

“Thanks Byran, I’m sure you’re in the running for a Billy T award with that one!” she said, not at all enthused to see her cousin.

The Billy T Award is a New Zealand comedy award recognising up-and-coming New Zealand comedians with outstanding potential.

Thompson remained unfazed by Sharon’s remark, attributing his newfound comedic stardom to his life experiences.

“I’ve been honing my craft for years, telling jokes at family gatherings and dropping puns at work. You better nominate me for that Billy T award Shaz!”.

Thompson was then seen wandering over to his niece ready to unleash his next arsenal of dad jokes.

More to come. 

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