DIDN’T HAPPEN: Kiwis Immediately Turn Their Focus To Warriors Playoff Game

man smiling through gritted teeth with Wahs jersey, ignoring the all blacks loss



After absolutely nothing happening at all this morning, New Zealanders are now turning their focus towards the Warriors, who have their playoff match against Penrith tonight.

This morning was most notable for its uneventfulness, and definitely did not see the All Blacks lose their first ever pool match in their Rugby World Cup history. Kiwis have nonetheless decided to move on as quickly as they can because there’s a chance later this evening that they’ll have something to cheer about.

Mark, a passionate rugby fan who is totally fine, is looking forward to the ‘rugba league’ this evening, despite traditionally not taking much interest in the sport. 

“Getting exciting isn’t it? I’m 100% jumping on the bandwagon, who wouldn’t?? Especially after such a boring Saturday morning where I pointlessly got out of bed at 7 o’clock,” he laughed, glugging back the remainder of his beer, appearing to try and forget something.

“How good though? The Wahs are the underdog heroes we need right now!”

Across the bar, Clara, another diehard All Blacks fan, nodded in agreement.

“It’s a pity we had such mundane, run-of-the-mill morning where nothing happened at all, isn’t it?

“Will be good to get behind the wazzas for a change though, they’ve had such a good year,” she mused, slowly pulling out her Warriors jersey and putting it over the top of her All Blacks one, which she happened to be wearing for some reason.

Clara and Mark were then seen talking, discussing ways to kill the time between now and when the Warriors kick off, and to also find ways to forget the past few hours.

Up the Wahs.

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