Dunedin Student Not Fussed About Rat Infested Countdown As His Flat Isn’t Much Better



19-year-old students Ben Dougal and George Baker seem unfazed by the recent closure of Dunedin’s rat-infested Countdown supermarket.

The store shut its doors on February 9, following a surge of reports about rats running rampant through the aisles. The reopening date has been pushed out again, with the store not set to open until at least Friday, following another rat being found this morning.

“Gee have you seen our flat? At least Countdown has closed its doors to the public – we can’t exactly lock ourselves out can we?” Dougal said while looking around his filthy Castle Street flat, which is likely home to more rats than Countdown.

As Woolworths stores nationwide grapple with rodent woes Ben and George appeared nonchalant about the hygiene crisis. 

“Honestly, I think the rats at Countdown had it better. They probably had more space to roam around than we do in our shoebox-sized shit hole.”

“At least the rats at Countdown were getting gourmet meals from the deli. We’re lucky if we find some stale noodles. I’d trade our flat for a rat-infested supermarket any day.”

More to come. 

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