EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE: Warmth And Sunlight During Afternoon Stimulates Brain’s Biological Urge For A Beer

scientist examining beer with rooftop bar in background



Local neurologist Jacko Callahan has proven what we all knew to be true – that a bit of sunshine in the afternoon is likely to make you want a beer. 

This time however, there’s science to back up the theory. 

Dr Callahan says that inside every human’s ‘reptile brain’ (also known as the amygdala) there are photoreceptors that are triggered by afternoon light. 

“The angle and frequency of specifically afternoon light is something that makes our brains seek out a sense of fun and relaxation,” explained Dr Callahan as he quickly wiped away the beer he had spilled on his lab coat.  

“Naturally in the modern world, that sense of fun is associated with an alcoholic beverage or two. With the added factor of heat in the atmosphere, the brain will tend towards the colder drink options, namely beer. 

“The brain’s photoreceptors do not appear to distinguish between your craft brewed options and your cheap and cheerful staples,” he said while scrolling his phone to see what deals were on at Pak n Save. 

“Look I don’t know who’s going to benefit from this scientific discovery because to be quite honest, it’s bloody obvious. Maybe bar owners who were thinking of staying closed on sunny days? Who knows!”

Callahan, who had now finished drinking the lab’s last beer from a conical flask, was then seen trotting off towards Pak n Save. 

More to come. 

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