Facebook Marketplace Lowballer Confused To Be Denied After Only Offering 10% Of Asking Price

confused man with messages about bbq to fb marketplace



Chris Adams has been left bewildered on Facebook Marketplace today.

After seeking a new BBQ, he found a decent looking one which was listed for $900 by someone called Mark Bentley.

Undeterred by the asking price and details of the BBQ which mentioned it was bought new for $2500 and had only been used three times, Chris, in a stroke of financial audacity, swooped in with an offer that would redefine the boundaries of lowballing. A crisp $90, accompanied by the succinct proclamation, “Cash, can collect now,” hoping that the seller would completely forget about the $900 asking price.

As Chris hit ‘send’ on what he thought was a reasonable bid, little did he know, the BBQ seller was not about to succumb to the allure of a 90% discount.

Within moments, a reply arrived with Chris thinking it was a done deal. 

“Thanks for the offer, Chris, but I was hoping for something a bit closer to the asking price. It’s a high-quality BBQ, after all.”

Undeterred, Chris fired back with a classic Facebook Marketplace buyer’s response: “It’s just a BBQ. $90 is a fair price. Cash. Can pick up.” 

Chris later reported that he had been left on “seen” by the seller.

More to come. 

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