FATHER’S DAY CONTENT: Local Dad Makes Annual Appearance On Daughter’s Instagram

father and daughter selfie



Sophie Wilkes, 25, took a break from her usual Instagram routine of bikini-clad beach photos and travel adventures to post a heartwarming Father’s Day tribute.

Once a year Sophie sacrifices a moment of her Instagram spotlight for none other than her Dad, Frank, a middle-aged man who spends most of his days at the office or tending to his garden. 

It’s the one day of the year where the 25 -year-old from Christchurch decides to acknowledge the man who brought her into the world.

“Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me the importance of sunscreen and how to tie my shoelaces. Love you, Dad! #DaddysGirl”

Frank Wilkes, who looked like a fish out of water amidst Sophie’s glamorous posts, was mildly confused when our reporters questioned him about his rare appearance on his daughter’s Instagram feed.

“The Insta-what?” the 61 year-old said with a slight grumble, who was also wondering where his daughter was as she was the one who had promised to prepare the Father’s Day dinner.

“What’s Sophie done now? Posting pictures of who? Me? On the Insta-what? Can you tell her to hurry up and help me here?

Our reporters then found Sophie in the midst of her own selfie photoshoot, likely preparing content for tomorrow where her Instagram feed will resume its normal schedule.

More to come. 

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