Festival Goer Believes Friends Want To Watch Her 100-Part Instagram Story Of The Event

woman looking at phone during night time music festival



Elise Robertson felt like she was doing her friends a duty of care with her constant posts from festivals over the summer. 

Elise, a self-proclaimed festival aficionado, recently attended both Rolling Meadows and Juicy Fest in Christchurch, documenting every beat, bass drop, and questionable dance move on her Instagram story. 

“I just assumed people who knew I was going to these festivals wanted to hear what the music was like. I just wanted to keep them updated ya know?” The 24 year-old explained, unaware that her friends were growing sick and tired of her constant posts from the summer festivals.”

One of Elise’s friends Danielle, who now just quickly scrolls past Elise’s Instagram story without properly taking any of it in, spoke to our reporters.

“I mean, I was kinda expecting the occasional selfie or scenic shot from the concert, but it was just like rolling footage of the show from a distance. I couldn’t even make out who the artists were, nor really hear a thing.” 

“Like she could have posted glimpses of the artists people were familiar with . But it’s like a never-ending stream on her Insta story of loud noise with her tinny voice attempting to sing as she videos. Honestly, I like Elise, but every time she’s going to a festival I can almost predict what her  Insta stories are going to consist of.”

“Oh god. Electric Ave is next month. No need to get a ticket if Elise is just going to basically live stream the whole thing!”

More to come. 

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