Flatmates Grumble About The Cost Of Living While Enjoying Third Takeaway This Week



Isaac Barnham and flatmate Sarah Tilley were enjoying a quiet night in, when the topic of food and fuel prices popped into their conversation. 

“God, I spent $130 on petrol today. The tank wasn’t even that empty!” said Mr Barnham in disgust. “Just another cost ay, how are we supposed to get ahead when this is what we’re up against?”

Ms. Tilley joined in the moan enthusiastically. “Oh I know, you should have seen how much I spent on a very small shop at the supermarket yesterday. As soon as you have cheese and eggs in there, and a few fruit and veggies, the total can easily be over 50 bucks!”

While the two grumbled noisily, the elephant in the room was the fact that they were simultaneously enjoying a takeaway curry, including garlic naan, which also happened to be their third takeaway this week. 

“I don’t know if there’s any point saving for a house deposit, just never going to happen,” said Barnham. 

Not only were they enjoying their third luxury meal for the week, this one had also been delivered via Uber Eats, an extra cost that was clearly unnecessary. However Ms. Tilley seemed oblivious to this. “And people wonder why there’s a mental health crisis, right?”

“It’s all because of bloody Russia and bloody Covid!”  

More to come.

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