FREE TO AIR CRICKET: Grown Man Stoked To Not Have To Use Parents’ SkyGo For Once

man sitting on couch watching free to air cricket



33-year-old Matt Johnson has found himself in a state of pure elation as he realised he wouldn’t have to beg, borrow, or steal access to his parents’ SkyGo account to watch the Blackcaps tonight.

Johnson, who is used to asking his parents or one of three brothers for the password, was stoked to find out that the T20 matches against Australia are free to air on TVNZ and will be for the near future.

This meant Matt could finally escape the clutches of his SkyGo dependency and relish the sweet taste of televised cricket without taking desperate measures.

“How good is this?” Johnson said, firing up his TV without having to login to a SkyGo account, which was often being used by one of his siblings.

Matt’s usual routine involved juggling the conflicting schedules of his three brothers, each vying for control of the coveted SkyGo account to catch their favourite sports events.

“Oh, anytime I want to watch a game I’ve had to fight my brothers for it. This just solves so many problems.”

“They should keep it free to air like this all the time. Like the old days!

More to come. 

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