Friend Of Social Rugby Player Simply Delighted By Clubroom Beer Prices



Jamie Nelson got a very pleasant surprise late on Saturday afternoon after coming along to watch his friend Regan’s rugby match for the first time. 

While Nelson was unimpressed with the skill level of both teams, and dismayed by the 9-6 final score, the low price of beer at the clubrooms afterwards put him in a very good mood. 

“Eight dollars for a beer in the Wellington region? How good?? And it’s decent beer too, Panhead!” he reported excitedly. 

“You’d be lucky if you could get a Supercharger for under 12 bucks in town. This is so good. I’m going to come to way more of these games I think”.

Mr Nelson seemed almost angry at himself for being oblivious to the well known fact that sports clubs are able to offer very affordable drink prices. “How did I not know about this? I’m going to make this a regular thing now I think. Definitely makes up for how shit the game was,” he laughed. 

As Regan came over, looking battered and bruised, Nelson was full of praise. “Regz you played real good! You’d be my man of the match I reckon. When’s your next home game, I’d be keen to come along again. Man you were good! 

“You want another beer?” 

More to come.

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