Golf Widow Cruelly Insists Husband’s New Driver Stays Under Tree Until Christmas

man fuming about golf driver staying in wrapping paper at christmas.



Jen Fraser’s strict Christmas rules are set to prevent her husband from unleashing his new driver at his Christmas golf competition this weekend.

The patient mother of three has supported husband Adam’s weekly golf hobby all year, actively encouraging him to play with his mates regularly. 

She’s even agreed to purchase him a new $900 driver for Christmas, but she’s drawn the line at allowing him to open it before the actual day.

“I bought him that stick he wanted, and I couldn’t believe it when he said he wanted to open it early. It’s a Christmas present, so it gets opened on Christmas Day. Simple as that.”

Jen’s not usually a stickler for the rules, but admits she’s also taking some pleasure in denying Adam something.

“I don’t really care what club he uses. It doesn’t change anything for me. But it feels quite good to put my foot down and say no,” she chuckled.

She finds it funny, but he certainly doesn’t.

“It’s the boys Christmas Ambrose tournament on Saturday, which is a huge day,” Adam says.

“I especially bought this new driver for it, and now it’s gonna be sitting wrapped under the Christmas tree for no reason at all.

Adam even tried to entice a relaxing of the rules by pointing out there’s a big prize for the longest drive up for grabs. It hasn’t worked.

“Jen’s loving this,” he says unbelievingly. “I think it might be payback for me playing golf. Yeah, that’s probably what it is.”

More to come. 

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