Goodnight Kiwi Set To Make A Return To Boost TVNZ Viewing Numbers

goodnight kiwi in bed with tvnz headline



TVNZ executives have announced the triumphant return of the beloved Goodnight Kiwi, not as a nostalgic throwback, but as a strategic maneuver to salvage plummeting viewership numbers.

The decision comes after this morning’s announcement that the state broadcaster will axe  cherished shows like Fair Go, Sunday, and even news bulletins Midday and Tonight, with 68 jobs set to go.

Head of TVNZ Programming, Barbara Snoozer, spoke to our reporters.

“Who needs investigative journalism or current affairs when you can have a bird saying goodnight?” Snoozer said, happy with the level of creativity she is finally displaying as a well paid employee of TVNZ.

The surprising decision has left many wondering if TVNZ management  had recently attended a creativity workshop or if they simply stumbled upon a dusty VHS tape of Goodnight Kiwi in the basement while searching for something to show in the newly created TV slots.

As employees brace themselves for layoffs, TVNZ executives have assured the public that the Goodnight Kiwi revival will create new opportunities within the organization.

“We can get the Goodnight Kiwi on TikTok and across our digital channels. More people might see it online right?” Snoozer said, still blissfully unaware that online and digital mediums have been the future of media for some time now.

More to come. 

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