Goodshirt’s Music Video For Sophie Still The Most Engaging Content Of All Time

Sophie music video by Goodshirt



It may just be a single camera shot, but the video for the song “Sophie” by New Zealand band Goodshirt, still remains to be the most visually captivating thing ever made.

The video which came out in 2002 has always left viewers nearly screaming at the screen “Just turn around” as the woman, presumably called Sophie sits there oblivious to what is going on behind her.

Viewers of the video, baffled by Sophie’s unwavering focus, couldn’t help but question her lack of awareness. Nearly all viewers would sit through the video just hoping Sophie would turn around and see that her house was being ransacked by four balaclava-clad men.

“I mean, it’s a catchy tune and you can see her singing along, but seriously, why didn’t she just turn around?” pondered one bewildered viewer, still scratching her head 22 years on.

Another viewer who remembers the NZ classic had a different view.

“You’ve gotta hand it to the burglars though right? Most criminals would see her sitting there and just go try a different house. Took a big risk and got a big return.”

It remains to be seen whether Sophie actually knew her house had been burgled by four masked men dressed in black, or if she thought her whole living room had just vanished into thin air.

More to come. 

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