Gore Council Succeeds In Making Gore Slightly Interesting To Rest Of New Zealand

gore mayor and councillor with fish in background



Gore Council, a local government council that the rest of New Zealand has historically not cared about at all, has made headlines recently.

Normally a place that is the butt of jokes, a bit like Hamilton and Palmy, Gore is in the news because their new mayor appears to be butting heads with the councillors and CEO he has to work with.  

While it isn’t clear who is in the right, what is clear is that Gore has suddenly become slightly interesting for the rest of New Zealand. Lachie Callahan, a non Gore resident living in Auckland, had some insights from an outsider’s point of view. 

“Yes I saw a couple of stories about Gore Council’s Mayor. A young guy who’s probably doing his best, but doesn’t know all the ins and outs of government, up against the old buggers who probably care deeply about their town, but who are also probably being wilfully blind to the issues that need addressing,” he summarised diplomatically. 

“Quite interesting isn’t it? I mean, it’s kind of interesting. On the one hand, it’s not great that the town is having all these problems with their council, but on the other hand, who really cares as it’s only Gore.”

One thorny issue councillors have allegedly been clashing over is the maintenance schedule of the town’s iconic brown trout.   

More to come.

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