Great News! Inflation Is Down, Which Means The Cost Of Everything Only Went Up By 1.2% This Time!

couple celebrate with champagne, with graph going up in foreground



New Zealand’s citizens rejoiced today as we are informed that annual inflation has PLUMMETED to 6.7%. There have been widespread reports of people “dancing in the street” as they found out that the cost of living, which obviously increased significantly in the last three months, had not increased as much as we were initially told it would. 

Nicole and Kieron Baker, mother and father of two young boys, are over the moon. “We’ve got a bottle of bubbly we’ve been saving for a special occasion and this might just be it!” said Nicole, who simply could not believe the good news.

“How good though?? Can’t wait to go to the supermarket this week! I mean, the total bill will still be noticeably more than it would have been three months ago, but still, yay Reserve Bank!” she exclaimed, not at all sarcastically.

Husband Kieron was equally excited. “Wow this is so good, ay? Because it’s normal to feel like you’re getting punished a bit more every time you go to the supermarket, right? Good to know that next time we’re at the checkout we’ll only get a little bit more excruciating pain,” he smiled.

“Usually if we’ve got a bottle of champagne in the house, we save it for when we hear big family news, like an engagement or a new addition to the family. But I reckon we should get it out now!” said Mr Baker, who was struggling to contain his excitement.

Stats NZ reported today that the Consumer Price Index (a measure of the cost of everything you buy) had increased by 6.7% in the 12 months to the end of March. This is being widely celebrated, despite the optimal percentage increase for a thriving economy needing to be somewhere between 2-3%.

More to come.

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