Hawkes Bay Rugby Player Admits Broken Ranfurly Shield Was Meant For “Private Story Only”

hawkes bay rugby team celebrating with ranfurly shield alongside snapchat of it broken in two.



A Hawke’s Bay rugby player has come clean about the recent Ranfurly Shield catastrophe, revealing that the shield was never meant for the public eye in the first place. It appears that the shield’s accidental dismantling was merely a Snapchat slip-up gone horribly wrong.

The Magpies, in a victorious clash with the Wellington Lions, managed to snatch the coveted Shield on Saturday afternoon after their 20-18 win. However, it wasn’t their triumph on the field that made headlines, but rather a peculiar revelation that unfolded on social media.

Their saga began with a video that surfaced on the internet, featuring two-test All Blacks halfback Folau Fakatava, who was captured holding the cherished Ranfurly Shield. There was just one minor hiccup – or rather, a major one. The Shield was in two separate pieces, much to the astonishment of rugby fans across New Zealand.

In a candid interview with our reporters, the anonymous player confessed that the Ranfurly Shield was intended for his “Private Story” on Snapchat, a feature meant for sharing content with a select group of close friends.

“I think this is a misunderstanding,” the unnamed player mumbled awkwardly, still coming to terms with the surreal turn of events naturally played out through New Zealand media.

 “I meant to share the shield with just a few close mates, you know, for some banter. But somehow, it ended up going out to the whole internet. Oops,” said the player, still failing to understand what the consequences will be for his actions of stupidity. 

Not only is there now an investigation into how the Ranfurly Shield came to be broken in half, but it appears to be a separate one into how white lines of powder were also snorted off it.

More to come. 

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