Hot Girl With Good iPhone Predicts Success As Instagram Influencer

attractive young lady taking selfie



Zoe Flynn, a 22 year old Auckland woman with some modelling experience, has a business idea in mind that could be a winner. 

Flynn is seriously considering entering the world of social media influencing, specifically the health and fitness niche. “There’s loads of money to be made out there, and if I don’t take it, someone else will,” said the confident go-getter. 

Armed with her trusty iPhone 14, the blonde bombshell regularly wows her 3,691 followers with pictures of herself in revealing clothing, and in the summer months, multiple shots of herself at the beach in a bikini. 

“I don’t want to sound up-myself or anything, but at the end of the day, I’m a hot girl with a good iPhone. There’s not really much more to say about it.”

While not possessing any great secret about how to run a successful business, Ms. Flynn does know a fair bit about supply and demand. Specifically she knows that if she can supply visually appealing pictures of herself, there’s going to be a high demand for that. 

“This is how brands work now. They don’t bother with old fashioned ad placements, they just find people on Instagram to promote their products for them. If people want to see pictures of me anyway, they might as well see some high quality products while they’re there.”

It was clear that “@heya_zoe”, as she’s known on Instagram, believes she has what it takes. The young Glassons store assistant has been thinking about it a lot, and is forming a strategy that’s hard to fault. 

“I’ve already got 4,000 odd followers, which I can easily triple. A couple of boosted posts here and there and I’ll have all the health and fitness brands flocking to me,” she said as she set up for a selfie. 

“If I’m delivering content to my followers now, without really even trying, it would be a crime for me to not start actively making money on Instagram.

“At this stage it’s kinda weird that I’m not”. 

More to come. 

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