“I Need A Coffee First” Says Woman Who Continues To Put Off Doing Any Work

woman drinking coffee at desk.



Emily Harrison has mastered the art of procrastination within her workplace.

The 28 year-old team leader at a Wellington marketing company, who had likely already had a coffee on her way to work, greeted her co-workers as she entered the office with a charming smile and announced “Morning guys. I’ll get started as soon as I have my morning coffee!”

Unphased by the fact that her colleagues relied on her timely completion of tasks, Harrison glided towards the kitchen and made herself a coffee, denying the reality that she was simply avoiding work.

Our reporters spoke to some of Emily’s colleagues who had become annoyed at her impeccable procrastination skills.

“We’ve missed so many deadlines, her desk is what she calls ‘organised chaos’ and the workload is just piling up. It’s like she finds solace in going to the kitchen and making a coffee,” said colleague Kara Ellis.

George Johnstone also was growing increasingly frustrated with his team leader.

‘All I really hear from her is “I can’t function without coffee!” and then in a flash she’s off to the kitchen, delaying her work tasks yet again, using the excuse of needing a cup of coffee.

As Harrison sat back at her desk she suddenly realised she was late to her team meeting, which triggered her to robotically declare “Oh hold up team. I need to make a coffee first”.

More to come. 

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