Indian Economy In Trouble Following Widening Gap Between Kane Williamson And Virat Kohli

virat kohli and kane williamson with economics in the background



The Indian economy is reportedly on the brink of collapse as the gap between Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli’s test centuries widens.

The prolific Blackcaps batsman scored his 32nd test century in a test series win against South Africa yesterday, becoming the quickest batsman in test history to score 32 test centuries. This was Williamson’s third century in his last four innings and his seventh in his last seven tests, leaving India’s Virat Kohli in his dust.

With Williamson now powering ahead of Kohli, who has 29 test centuries, it has left financial experts and cricket enthusiasts alike scrambling to make sense of this unprecedented crisis, with some even questioning the correlation between cricket statistics and economic stability.

India has previously had what some experts have called a “Rockstar economy”, but with Kohli being left behind by Williamson, that has certainly put a dent in their economic position.

Economists were quick to analyse the situation, and some suggested that the entire GDP of the country might hinge on Kohli closing the gap and reclaiming his status as the leading centurion. 

“We’ve underestimated the economic impact of cricket statistics for far too long,” exclaimed one economist, frantically updating his spreadsheets with batting averages and GDP projections. 

“It’s clear now that our financial stability is directly tied to the number of centuries that Virat Kohli scores. We can’t have some low level Kiwi batsman surging ahead of our King Kohli!”

More to come. 

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