Instagram Business Coach Claims She Can Help You Make It In Business Despite Never Running A Successful Business

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Self-proclaimed Instagram business coach Sophie Saunders possesses an uncanny ability to make her followers believe that she has the secret to entrepreneurial success, despite never running a successful business herself in any way, shape or form.

Saunders’ bio reads “Business Coach Extraordinaire. Let me show you how to build a six figure business” despite no concrete evidence she’s capable of doing any of this herself. 

Our reporters spoke to one of her followers Hannah Fleming, who had become increasingly sceptical.

“So, she uploads short videos about how to escape the 9-5 job and harps on about ‘following your passion’ and ‘manifesting abundance’ followed by multiple hashtags of #SucessMindet #BossBabe. She honestly doesn’t say anything that will actually help me. Like, what business has she been successful in?” asked Fleming, clearly getting a bit sick and tired of the same videos.

Brad Newcombe, who is just following her because she’s decent looking, shared his opinion and threw a bit of shade at saunders.

“I just followed her as she’s kinda hot. But it’s growing pretty tiresome. Half her posts she puts up look like just recycled motivational quotes from Google. I mean, what does she even do for work? If she actually had a business, she wouldn’t be posting three times a day on Instagram.” 

“I mean, I run a construction company which is struggling at the moment. Am I really going to turn to Sophie Saunders’ Instagram page to make all my problems go away? 

“Like, if you’ve made it in business, you definitely won’t be posting about how successful you are. It’s never the successful people posting those inspirational quotes is it?”

More to come. 

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