Instagram Releases New Filters For Christchurch People To Show What School They Went To

new christchurch school filter for instagram



Instagram has unveiled a new feature: Filters for Christchurch people to proudly display their high school affiliations.

The social media giant claims this will streamline the process of casually dropping the name of one’s educational institution into everyday conversations, making it easier than ever for people from Christchurch to assert their social status based on where they spent their school years.

None were more excited than current and former students of high schools in Christchurch.

Harry Weston, a 16-year-old student at Christ’s College, one of Christchurch’s most prestigious private schools, was among the first to try out the new feature. 

“Now, whenever I post a photo, everyone will know I went to Christ’s College. It’s like a badge of honour, you know? I mean I’m not always going to be in school uniform, but anyone I meet needs to know I’m going there,” Weston said while slapping on a Christ’s College filter.

Former Rangi Ruru Girls student, Amanda Sullivan, 26, echoed Harry’s sentiments, expressing her delight at the newfound ease of school boasting.

 “I’m absolutely stoked about these filters,” she gushed. “Now, whether I’m taking my dog for a walk or enjoying a day at the beach, I can effortlessly let the world know where I went to school. I mean, while walking the dog and going to the beach is cool, nothing is cooler than having people know which school you went to here.”

“It’s like, why bother with witty captions when you can just slap on a Rangi Ruru Girls filter and call it a day?”

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