Italians Blame Lacklustre Performance On “Not Enough Of Nonna’s Meatballs”

nonna with meatballs in front of losing italy rugby team



The Italian rugby team have effectively blamed their 96-17 pool match loss to the All Blacks on their poor pre-match preparation.

Rather than admitting that they were simply outclassed on the field in all facets of the game, the Italians are pointing their fingers at a most unexpected culprit – the absence of Nonna’s legendary meatballs.

For those not in the know, Nonna Maria’s meatballs have been an integral part of the Italian rugby team’s pre-match ritual during this Rugby World Cup. They helped them to a huge 52-8 win over Namibia and then a second half comeback against Uruguay where they won 38-17.

However as their match against the All Blacks unfolded this morning, it quickly became apparent that something was off.

“It felt like we were trying to win a race with one leg. Nonna’s meatballs are the other leg, you know? Without enough of them, we were like, how you say, “lambs to the slaughter”,” confirmed Italy’s captain Michele Lamaro.

Italian winger Ange Capuozzo also tried to explain his side’s demolition at the hands of the All Blacks.

“With not enough of Nonna’s meatballs, we were basically like a pasta without a sauce.”

Italian coach Kieran Crowley confirmed that the team would not train over the coming days and instead make a trip back to Nonna Maria’s kitchen to refuel.

More to come.

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