Johnson On Plane Home Still Laughing About How Easy That Try Was

shaun johnson laughing on plane.



Warriors playmaker Shaun Johnson has a serious case of the giggles.

It’s not that he’s watching a funny movie on the plane back to Auckland from Canberra – Johnson is apparently struggling to get over just how easily he scored the final try in the Warriors’ 36-14 win over the Raiders last night.

As his teammates dozed off to sleep on their trip home, a flight attendant on the plane noticed that Johnson was up in his seat, bright-eyed and giggling.

“What’s so funny Shaun?” the flight attendant asked curiously.

“Ha, oh don’t worry about it. You had to be there,” Johnson replied, replaying the try over and over in his head. 

To make it more comical, Johnson had exited the field with what looked like a serious concussion and did not look like he’d be back. But after passing his HIA, he returned for the final few minutes with the game all but in the bag. 

“I just couldn’t believe the Raiders would throw a pass as bad as that right on their line. Yep, I get they had to make something happen. But they literally threw it right into my arms as if I was the one calling for the ball myself!”

As the plane landed in Auckland and his Warriors teammates awoke from their sleep, Johnson was still wide awake and cracking up as other members of the cabin crew asked him what was so funny. 

“Oh don’t worry. You really had to be there,” he again replied.

More to come. 

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