JUSTIFYING LAST WEEK: Wahs Fan Empties TAB Account On Broncs

warriors fan on couch making TAB bet on couch on broncos, with reece walsh in background.



Die-hard Warriors fan Mark Hickey has declared himself the newest supporter of the Brisbane Broncos.

His late support comes ahead of tonight’s NRL Grand Final, where he will empty the remainder of his TAB account on the Broncos who face current champions, the Penrith Panthers. 

This unexpected allegiance swap comes hot on the heels of the Warriors’ unfortunate loss to the Broncos last week, leaving Hickey feeling like he had no choice but to jump ship and back the very team that had dashed his hopes.

“Reece Walsh’s forward pass and the fact that Shaun Johnson didn’t win Dally M… I just need something to pick me up from all of this!” Hickey remarked, actively looking at the head-to-head odds between the sides.

“As much as I can’t stand Reece Walsh anymore, I don’t want the Penrith Panthers winning again like it’s some kind of formality.”

“At least if the Broncos win, then it means that the Warriors basically and controversially lost to the NRL champions,”  Hickey explained, tearfully betting the last of his fortnightly gambling allowance.

More to come. 

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