Kiwi Gets Behind Queensland To Escape The Brutal Reality Of Being A Warriors Fan

man wearing maroons top with losing warriors team in background



Jason Mitchell, a long-suffering fan of the New Zealand Warriors, has decided to temporarily switch his allegiance to the Queensland Maroons for tonight’s State of Origin Game 2.

The drastic decision comes in the wake of the Warriors’ humiliating 66-6 defeat at the hands of the Gold Coast Titans over the weekend, leaving Mitchell and countless other fans grasping at straws for a glimmer of hope or a shred of dignity.

“Look, I’ve been through a lot with the Warriors,” Mitchell explained, donning a freshly purchased Queensland jersey that still had the price tag dangling from the sleeve.

“I just need a break and actually want to support a team who look like they can string together a bit of consistency. When you think of the Maroons, you think of that decade long streak they had over NSW. Supporting them is a pretty safe bet.”

As our reporters went to question Jason more he began walking around the room, still haunted by the Warriors 60 point loss from Saturday.

“Sixty-six to six,” he muttered, shaking his head as if trying to erase the memory. “I mean, they got two-thirds of the way to 100! God, how did that even happen?” Mitchell exclaimed, frantically checking the time as he began to get impatient waiting for Origin to start.

“Look, I guess you just need to support a team that doesn’t make you want to throw your TV out the window. Up the Maroons!”

More to come. 

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