Kiwi Living In Australia Haunted On A Daily Basis By The Phrase “Fish And Chips”

man thinking about fish and chips while being teased by australians.



Kade Stevens did not know that one phrase would soon become his personal torment whilst living in Australia.

The 25 year-old recently moved over to the Gold Coast in hope of better work opportunities and better money.

However the born and bred Kiwi would often find himself engaged in friendly conversations that nevertheless ended up heading towards the topic of his homeland and accent.

Our reporters were on the Gold Coast where Stevens was working and hanging out with some friends he’d recently made.

“Hey Kade, say ‘fish and chips’, requested Kade’s new acquaintance Matty Clarke, who believed he had set an undetectable trap for the New Zealander to walk straight into.

When the words ‘fish and chips’ left the Australian’s lips, sounding more like ‘feesh and cheeps’ to Kade, the kiwi flinched as the phrase echoed through the entire fibre of his being. 

Having heard this request almost every day since starting work in Aussie, Stevens knew what the people wanted, and this time he decided to give it to them, as all efforts to protest or fight back against the injustice had been totally fruitless. 

“Fish and chips”, he said, putting on the strongest kiwi accent he could muster.

“Hahahaha! Fush and chups!” his co-worker Clarke mockingly shouted back at him. 

Stevens smiled and nodded, and then sat and waited microseconds for the conversation to inevitably turn towards the topic of sheep. 

More to come. 

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