Kiwi Woman Can’t Understand How Her Mate Is Still Affording Europe Three Months In

woman stuck in the office being punished by pictures of her friends on holiday.



Shanya Croy of Christchurch has found herself perplexed. 

While the 27 year-old diligently navigates her min wage admin assistant job, complete with steaming mugs of tea and the persistent winter chill, her friend Kelly Reed has seemingly cracked the code of endless European indulgence. 

For the past three months, Kelly’s Instagram feed has been a visual symphony of cobblestone streets, gelato-stained smiles, and dreamy sunsets, much to Shanya’s bewilderment.

“I mean, I’m here layering up like an onion in the South Island, working hard at my minimum wage job and Kelly’s flaunting herself in the most glamorous locations on earth. Where did she even get the money for this? I thought she was only going for three weeks? Not three months!” Croy bellowed, glancing out at Christchurch’s  sleeting hail and rain. “How the hell is she affording this?”

Croy’s resentment of Reed’s never-ending Europe trip comes after being bombarded with picturesque scenes of Kelly sampling wine in Tuscany, feasting on escargot in Paris, and participating in what appears to be a spontaneous salsa dance-off in Barcelona.

“I’m just here trying to figure out how to balance my monthly expenses and pay my rent on time, while she’s somehow juggling European currencies like a pro.”

More to come. 

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