Kiwi Woman Sick And Tired Of Watching Friends Frolicking Around In European Summer

woman screwing her nose up at picture on phone, while friend is in santorini on holiday.



Tara McCaull has had a chip on her shoulder for quite a while this winter.

It’s not that the 25-year-old hates her job as an admin assistant in Christchurch, but more the fact that her friends are frolicking around in the European summer, while she’s chained to her desk in a Christchurch office.

“It just seems every year without fail my friends pack their bags and jet off to some exotic European destination. How the hell do they afford to do this?” McCaull said, scrolling through her Instagram enviously looking at her friend Michelle eating a Gelato in Italy.

The frustrated office dweller muttered expletives as she scrolled further down her Instagram feed. “Okay Sarah we get it, you’re in France. You don’t have to post about it every second,” McCaull huffed, as she just stopped on a photo of her friend Sarah sipping cocktails on the French Riviera.

Tara continued to punish herself by scrolling down the long record of friends who are having a better time than her.

“Geez, so original Lauren, “When in Rome” as if nobody’s posted that caption on a photo of themselves outside the Colosseum before,” McCaull groaned as she was once again photo spammed by her overly tanned friends.

As Tara gazed outside to the dreary winter’s day in Christchurch, she nearly threw her phone on the floor when a new photo popped up on her feed of her friend Kelly who has been galavanting around Santorini. The caption read: “Greetings from Greece!”

More to come. 

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