Kiwi Woman Who Heavily Filters Her Selfies Says Kate Middleton Is “So Fake”

kate middleton family photo next to altered selfie of kiwi woman



26-year-old Tara Smith from Hamilton has emerged as the leading critic of Princess Kate Middleton’s authenticity.

“I just can’t stand fake people, you know? Like, Kate Middleton is so fake with her perfect photos. It’s like, who does she think she’s fooling?” Tara declared passionately, pausing to adjust the glittering flower crown she’d superimposed on her own perfectly coiffed head.

Today, the Duchess of Cambridge issued an apology for any “confusion” stemming from the Mother’s Day photo released by the royal family. In her statement, she candidly admitted to “occasionally experimenting with editing.”

The image featured Catherine alongside her three children with Prince William and was shared on the couple’s official Instagram account, just in time for Mother’s Day in the UK.

When confronted with the irony of her critique of Kate Middleton’s supposed fakeness, Tara was unfazed.

 “Well, obviously, my filters are different but at least it’s kinda obvious? I’m not releasing a photo going “Hey look at me, here I am in my natural beauty. I mean you can at least see with mine there’s clearly a dog filter across my face right? “

More to come. 

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