Leo DiCaprio To Star In Picton-Based Titanic Sequel

Leo DiCaprio cheersing the grounded Interislander



Leonardo DiCpario is set to star in the long-awaited sequel to Titanic, this time based on the recent maritime misadventure of the Interislander ferry Aratere, which heroically ran aground near Picton last night.

The film, tentatively titled Titanic II: The Picton Predicament, is expected to bring a fresh wave of drama about the Aratere’s ill-fated journey, which began with a steering failure that sent the ferry on a  collision course with the South Island coastline just after 10pm yesterday.

The ship nestled itself comfortably into the sands of the shore, leaving 47 people, including eight commercial truck drivers and 39 crew, to spend a quaint, albeit uncomfortable, night aboard the grounded vessel. Rumours had it that those stranded started to play “My Heart Will Go On”.

While the ship is still stranded, movie producers had begun contacting Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, hoping he’d accept a request from James Cameron to star in  Titanic II: The Picton Predicament. 

DiCaprio, no stranger to nautical disasters, expressed his enthusiasm for the role.

 “It’s a chance to revisit the raw, elemental drama of being stuck on a sinking ship, but with a modern twist,” he said, probably imagining himself leaning against the Aratere’s bow, shouting, “I’m the king of the Strait!”

As the Aratere awaits its rescue, the world even more so eagerly anticipates the arrival of Titanic II: The Picton Predicament.

Kate Winslett could not be contacted for comment.

More to come. 

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