Local Bloke Left Alone For Two Seconds Inevitably Starts Performing His Imaginary Golf Swing

man swinging golf club in lounge, thinking about tiger.



Greg Adams has always had an uncanny obsession with golf.

The 30 year-old Aucklander has never actually been any good at it, but would still torture himself most weekends by playing nine holes with friends, which always seemed like it took all day.

But when not on the course, he would find himself still practising his golf swing in his lounge at home.

This annoyed nobody more than girlfriend Kayla, who would often catch Greg practising his imaginary golf swing, as opposed to doing chores around their home.

“Greg! What the hell are you doing?” screamed Kayla, wondering why he had cleared out a space in the lounge and was holding an invisible golf club like a mad man. 

“Just hold up will ya? I’m practising something.” 

With an imaginary ball on the ground in front of him, and an intense level of concentration showing in his eyes, Greg held his hands together and followed through with an overly powerful imaginary swing.

“Gahh. Bloody sliced it!” Greg expressed with frustration, picturing his imaginary golf ball going too far right and missing the part of the fairway he wanted it to land on. 

“This is a lounge. Not a golf course. I can’t leave you alone for two seconds without you breaking into an impromptu golf swing. You can put your imaginary golf club away now!”

More to come. 

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